Hamza (@Hamza)

If today is a good day then be grateful and remember the bad days. If today is a bad day then be patient and remember the good days.
@noahmp Congrats Noah!!
The most valuable things in life are given for free.
@as_hamza معلش المرة الجاية بقى انتا شكلك مطول 🙂
@sriramk For tech managers I found “The Manager's Path” by Camille Fournier to be really good.
What’s the secret? Consistency and persistence.
@YasserIM البقاء لله يا ياسر
@MostafaNageeb few more categories: consumers who don’t really post, artists and people who run businesses
@jesarshah @Twitter So excited abt this! Took so long, plz stop worrying too much before launching useful proven features. cc @jack
@MostafaNageeb I just noticed that both you and @karim_ouda are PMs in Berlin, you should meet each other :)
Always remember that the simplest things you take for granted are dreams of someone else.
Love the simplicity of Google Flights. Quickly became my main tool for flight search.
Algorithmic timelines are great, saves a bunch of time.
كل عام وأنتم بخير وفى صحة وسلام. #رمضان_كريم
Still can't believe how @KlayThompson pulled off those shots yesterday. #GSWvOKC
So much fun watching @StephenCurry30 play tonight! #GSWvPOR