Harry (@Harry)

aperol spritz from a mug. pretty nice
@horsesauced what are you gonna do, request a million dollars from me?? you wish
@horsesauced give me a ticket, see if i care
@gaysex420 your uber has arrived
@gaysex420 it’s cool man i still love you
@gaysex420 i picture you being like 6 feet tall
not going to pay for parking today
i’m the guy who lives with my brother
@linky_thorn noooooooo
@laurlacal we have upset the oven gods in some way and this is our punishment
spent most of my day off waiting for a new oven to get delivered and when it finally shows up it’s DENTED!!
@jackirvinwho yoooo happy birthday jack
@douzmanian hell yea stevie.
RT @oswldjnkns: hey man what are you doing today. do you want to drink 28 beers with me