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@ZetoIIllIII @FCB_Shaheem @BayernLM10 @CrewsMat10 Yes look at Neymar and other playmakers ball lost per game, it's even higher than Messi's.
@ZetoIIllIII @FCB_Shaheem @BayernLM10 @CrewsMat10 Wow, tall players are better in the air! Who would've thought?
@FCB_Shaheem @BayernLM10 @CrewsMat10 And that's why comparing him with Messi is a nonsense since Messi brings a sim… https://t.co/bZLxyywHUu
@vinar__ @AnkurMessi_ Super Saiyan Messi
RT @mvsrapp: 🌟 HIGHEST MATCH RATING IN A GAME 🌟 🇦🇷 MESSI 🔟/🔟 match rating* 115x 🇵🇹 RONALDO 🔟/🔟 match rating* 38x League + UCL + some oth…
@mvsrapp We've just witnessed total annihilation 💀
@rentfreeiyh @mvsrapp Pre assists would be a lovely addition but it must be hard to track them all since the early 2000s
@aryan10ii @FCB_Lad He bullied Ronaldo*. Messi was injured in 2013/14 and 2015/16
@Moiz_RMA You don't know what a big chance missed is, do you?
@scouserstime2 @Lewandisneyy "Hating on a guy for doing nothing" I think that you haven't read the thread showing h… https://t.co/TEB3uwty2c
@scouserstime2 @Lewandisneyy We hate on Ronaldo because he's obsessed with Messi. I like Lewa because he's a mature… https://t.co/KwmXaGWIuy
@scouserstime2 @Lewandisneyy And Ronaldo, the professional footballer, is hating on Messi just because he can't acc… https://t.co/F3WQlIoY0x
@Lewandisneyy Unpopular opinion: the Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry doesn't make any sense sportingly speaking since Mess… https://t.co/vvbBzUCGyT
@awayfrom2_3_4 Messi's teammates were always underwhelming bar a few players for a few seasons.
@Elitebarca @goal At the end of the season*
@legendary_intel @spooooner1 @Rik70127051 @TeamLeo10i And I take Messi's hattricks vs City, Atletico, RM, Arsenal o… https://t.co/Dw2BTgAclL
@nab1l_jr @Ewa_ocheee @Sandro_GLC18 @PSGalu City drew vs Southampton they're not prime Barça either
@LadoZamani99 The one with more G/A despite having played 150+ games less lmao.
@legendary_intel @spooooner1 @Rik70127051 @TeamLeo10i Doesn't change the fact that Messi can go 150+ games G/A less… https://t.co/XHEVkIq8Gb