InvertedFWD (@InvertedFWD)

RT @AniUTD: A whole thread discrediting each of his 15 g/a in the league this season, for dumb reasons too. Said this goal against Brighton…
credit to cavani too, he’s been clutch too with his limited minutes
⚽️Equaliser vs West Ham ⚽️Winner vs Burnley ⚽️Winner vs Fulham so clutch🎯
RT @HG18x: Rashford has more haters in the Utd fanbase than he does from rival clubs
RT @seydou91_: Generational Kai Havertz vs Leicester City 🥶🥶💪🧱
RT @gouthxm: But but Rashford brain dead player 1!1!1!1! Bad decision making 1!1!1!
RT @ShantaBlind: You mf’s think Rashford is a stupid braindead player?
RT @WeDoingAVilla: Since this tweet, Leeds have: 🤔Scored 0 goals 🙂Conceded 7 goals 👋Lost to Crawley, Brighton and Tottenham