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@mrdavidbol Cant see that resonating well in the former red wall constituencies that have recently went blue.
RT @janderson_news: Morning all, after two weeks roaming the mountains I am back on deck and doing all things Edinburgh politics... in the…
@LivingRent_Edi Anything I can help publicise? Drop me an email if so.
This is when twitter is absolutely fantastic. Imagine AOC bombing down the left wing for the hammers. https://t.co/fMY9Fr2yHD
@Mr_Mark_Brown India seamers been unreal.
RT @Bluebell_FC: Throughout all this, Jacob has consistently been pro active in supporting us, & other clubs who have sadly experienced the…
RT @JoshTaylorBoxer: Any chance of showing my fight of becoming the First 4 belt undisputed champion from the UK ?🤨🤷🏻‍♂️ rather than this…
RT @DadsRockOrg: Many thanks for helping to spread the news about our Dads buggy walks! @Jacobfarr31 #YouRock
@Katie_WJourno Always before bed.
@SamShedden Horrified leftist 🤣
@Mr_Mark_Brown Who makes this stuff up? Honestly man.
For change to happen you need brave people to stand up and be counted. Kudos to @Bluebell_FC and @pinkietufail4 fo… https://t.co/0211nC1KMZ
RT @sinead_mcnulty_: Has anyone used the Tenant Hardship Loan Fund, set up by the Scot Gov. If so what was your experience? Research show…
So happy for her. Always a pleasure to work with. Boss lady 👌 https://t.co/KifcZ6Voo1