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Happy 11th Birthday my sweet Addison! Mommy loves you more than you will ever know. 💜🎂🥳 @ Southampton, New York https://t.co/MOXmppTX6P
Haha thanks! Let’s hope we can keep the dates straight this time around. https://t.co/mfYDS0EGZl
@greggutfeld may live to regret this but I’ll be back on @Gutfeldfox Thursday, April 29th.
@greggutfeld may live to regret this but I’ll be back on @Gutfeldfox Thursday, April 29th. https://t.co/zy5C2zbUZy
My favorite childhood memory is having energy.
Note to self.. use the new treadmill I bought a month ago and haven’t stood on.
RT @CableNewsWatch: 📺 Did you miss Thursday's episode w/ @JulieBanderas? If so....you can watch the ENTIRE EPISODE here... just log in wit…
It got switched to Thursday. You can watch it here. https://t.co/KkgmwY2z2z https://t.co/hDbPAxODAo
Genius! However last one to get rhinoplasty is a rotten egg! @KatTimpf https://t.co/9yDgAHYAdG
Typo.. author of this comment “is.” So annoying Twitter doesn’t have an edit feature like Facebook and Instagram.
Haha thanks. Not sure who the author of this comment it but hopefully they can have another drink for me! Have a gr… https://t.co/JUDF5ixUqm
In case you missed it.. here’s my debut on @Gutfeldfox last night with @greggutfeld and @KatTimpf Thursday, April 1… https://t.co/Eyvixsqrgf
LOL ok I’ll reply instead then. 😉 https://t.co/szh3GeT7i1
Thanks for having me on @Gutfeldfox I’m going back to the bar now. https://t.co/85zdup0g4Z