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@plastic_pearl @GPHemmings @FA @EnglandFootball @England Ive listened to stories and etc but there are so many that… https://t.co/AA5dJOtpDC
@YoungyLFC99 @plastic_pearl @GPHemmings @FA @EnglandFootball @England @metpoliceuk What have I said that's even remotely racist? 🤣
@plastic_pearl @GPHemmings @FA @EnglandFootball @England I dont agree it's as big of a problem as people make out b… https://t.co/tV8ZnUYwLW
@plastic_pearl @GPHemmings @FA @EnglandFootball @England Prime ministers are voted for by the public. What black ma… https://t.co/6tpCVfDeI9
@FA @whatNeilSays @England If you want unity don't partake in a divisive gesture. Not hard is it? Tshirts, banners… https://t.co/xlC83AC1Ts
Was the best opening ceremony I'd say I've ever seen. Simple and class 👏 https://t.co/mE55KkeJgi
Watching the italians belting out their anthems, our squad must feel embarrassed that they only mutter it. The passion is class to see!
Bocelli getting things going. Let's go! ⚽️
@PaulRT92 @GoreyZz @thefastwinger @talkSPORT If anyone is Shancho staying and doing away with a cdm, for me. Mount… https://t.co/1pqGhYR9Up
@PaulRT92 @GoreyZz @thefastwinger @talkSPORT I get what you mean about that raw pace but I don't think grealish and… https://t.co/DjZrdWLP0k
@PaulRT92 @GoreyZz @thefastwinger @talkSPORT Rashford likes to cut inside 9/10. Foden an grealish are very direct t… https://t.co/ZCebrgcGgN
@Kalvinphillips @England @TIGGZYT The first 20 seconds showing Ashley Cole he doesn't know what he's talking about.
@PaulRT92 @GoreyZz @thefastwinger @talkSPORT Grealish and foden are so underratedly fast. There's noone quicker to… https://t.co/pOrYMCydjZ
@liveleedsunited @JoeDonnohue Wouldn't be suprised to see one on loan come the start of the season. Both fantastic… https://t.co/oeGP4obQJu
Why @GarethSouthgate doesn't scrap the 'taking of the knee' and adopt an alternative we can all get behind is beyon… https://t.co/kE0gcshO9s
How has he kept a straight face and given a sensible answer 😂😂😂 https://t.co/HODVSHrWNB
@curtiswoodhous8 Bellingham for sancho for me, move mount to no.8 and grealish or foden in the 10 and sancho out wide.
@MartinLawz @Watch_LFC @Mercado_Ingles Why would we want shaqiri? 🤣🤣🤣