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@GauteNilsen 😂👍 It really is not very effective to have 20 tabs open at the same time... sigh...
@Froggyking84 That information is "no-need-to-know". 😂😎
@Skhisma1 @amymagneto @cheapersdad1 No the virus is not a usual virus and the vacs is certainly not a normal vacs.… https://t.co/n2zKkQKKQ5
@alexthompo She wrote an article saying that Hydroxycloroquin was useless, with the intention to make Trump look st… https://t.co/NU8UeXxT0W
RT @Lukewearechange: They did this for political reasons and because of that a lot of people needlessly died! This is cruelty and evil on…
Ivermectin is a perfect cure for covid-flu. But goverments made it unavailable bec they are in bed with BigPharma a… https://t.co/3DsKoZe7HA
RT @DailyExposeTeam: BREAKING - MHRA data shows the number of women who've lost their unborn child after having the C0V1-D jab has increase…
2 weeks to flatten the curve You only need for us to take the jabs You need a passport to be allowed to go to the c… https://t.co/wijAC5A6j1
The plebs are not allowed to meet, gather, have parties or have guests at their weddings. The rich, the famous, th… https://t.co/5DkfwVaBpA
RT @BordersAgainst: In our faces with the Hunger Games Society What they need to experience is a hard dose of revolution https://t.co/Xs2C
@peterrowen_ @Dave22552702 Same reaction here. They don`t even want to talk about it. Like: Closing their eyes and… https://t.co/ZvJWijjhzN
RT @IanHarper58: Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his team are on it. Nuremberg 2 is going to have the vax manufacturers in the dock, the are not im…
A 37-year-old who got Moderna vaccine at 28 weeks of pregnancy, just after an ultrasound showed a healthy placenta,… https://t.co/Nl999G7hmJ
I always have too many tabs open on my pc at the time. And if I haven`t read or heard the video, I let it stay open… https://t.co/yhpzsfE2hp
Houston, we have a problem And this seems to be very serious. Do not vaccinate your pilots! https://t.co/P3r8jO4KaG
@JustinDoyle19 True! No vaccine, a gene-therapy-injection that messes with your DNA forever.
@aquaponicdave The video (the man who made it) said maybe 150 000 numbers gone missing!