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RT @dittoshadow2: Old article. @BaconProtocol has made some serious progress since. The future of real estate is on the #blockchain
@logannross @BaconProtocol @Benzinga Thanks for having me! Great questions!
RT @BaconProtocol: ICYMI: Check out Bacon Protocol co-founder @karl on the @Benzinga #defi show Moon or Bust, with @logannross Interview s…
RT @allanca: This was a fun one. We looked back a few weeks later and noticed we’d done one in 24 hours. Wasn’t anything we pushed hard for…
@Samjourneytocpt @thisismoney 1. This is a tough one but one of the great reasons for doing this defi Imagine a co… https://t.co/yLY46FL3Lk
@laserlikemike Because in the cold dark nights that come in startups even absolute faith will be tested
@brandee Let’s hope the hunter is Elmer Fudd
@santiagoroel 110% agree @BaconProtocol for an example
And this is why direct to consumer works https://t.co/yPueE2FZSv
RT @TheChungLab: The weekend begins with thank you emails from students for teaching the best course they've ever taken. #eartoear😊
@laserlikemike One good technique I have shared with many entrepreneurs. If you are trying to decide what to do. im… https://t.co/8I3V3s4wxy
@laserlikemike Shakespeare got it right. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first practice to deceive”
@ohyeahdavid @thisismoney @modern_fi @roadtocrypto_ Thanks. As more people appreciate diversifying $bhome should gr… https://t.co/fM6qJ7TCa4
America…swipe and zoom… @ Art Basel Miami Beach https://t.co/eb5IggXemC
Thanks for the super detailed article! Are NFTs on your HOME the future of mortgages? https://t.co/Q8hMP4BzwK via @ThisIsMoney
RT @dittoshadow2: Moving towards the future and a better way to transact real estate. #bHOME coin
RT @Veki551155: Bacon Protocol is minting home mortgages as NFTs. Simply put, "you're purchasing a coin," CEO @karl says. "The coin is stab…