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RT @Josephers15: This what the “What’s the move?” at 4am person does when they’re forced to go home.
RT @TomTaylorMade: *Checks why Batman is trending* *Goes back to writing Nightwing, possibly a more... giving hero.*
RT @Killafoe1: Every Yu-Gi-Oh! Protagonist can say nigga. They may not want to. But if they did. They could.
RT @LimitedRunGames: Finally, the most requested and anticipated game of ALL TIME. We're bringing Plumbers Don't Wear Ties to PS4, PS5, PC,…
RT @WhistleSports: Shooting like Ben Simmons for his gender reveal 😭 😭 😭
RT @anairis_q: I’ll be attending @METROCON_FL from July 23-25 this year! I’m so excited—it’s my first in person con in a year, and in my ho…
RT @UltimaShadowX: "Herlock Sholmes" is even funnier when you hear it spoken out loud completely seriously.
RT @KrissyVictory: Love the stares I get when I get out my car and all you hear is loud Kpop.