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@Carti_Mandua He seemed to look away rather than acknowledge the altar.
@HapPyIsGo0D @Femi_Sorry Even Ms Markle says not.
@ScottSprouse @MattWalshBlog Fabulous isn't it! We need more parents and students to confront these people and call them out.
@HapPyIsGo0D @Femi_Sorry No POC at my nan'a or my dad's funeral either.. CoVID allowed 30 people which included the… https://t.co/qIha00Jief
Yes. At last the fight back begins. More of the same needed in the UK. Batley grammar and Pimlico might be good p… https://t.co/EETXh7HU9A
@essojohn @TreforJones2 Those of us who do come under a barrage of abuse. The feminists on the Left stay silent, pr… https://t.co/K9tPtBgH0R
RT @BoerboelBritish: Please listen to this beautiful, intelligent black lady, fact after fact... https://t.co/stwV5yg7j2
@LabourAreToast No - we need to be telling women to get proper civil marriages in registry offices and to use the… https://t.co/WzqRDnbNc0
@teresadg0 I preach to no one. Christians can think for themselves too.
@uk8qnzl @TheTwatRises Love Rome, but again prefer the hills and mountain villages around lake Bracciano.
RT @parsnippo: The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery on the Long Walk, Windsor Castle, Berkshire, after taking part in a rehearsal for the…
RT @janethood57: It seems large numbers of people are not aware that Scottish furlough payments are made by Westminster and that SCotGov is…
@paulJpitt1967 A full bodied red. Sip slowly and relish the decision making process
@PolyAnn68661755 @TheTwatRises In France and Italy, head for the hills, quite literally! Great people, food and wo… https://t.co/6mfcb5JzVD
RT @LittleBoats2020: No's of undocumented illegals crossing the Channel in March 2019 67 2020 187 2021 831 The Govt & Media are com…
@TheTwatRises What many don't realise is how much the capital cities of Europe have changed. Those of us who visit… https://t.co/O2yWccWUAO