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@ChelseaTade Wow But I doubt he would leave Italian players don't usually leave Italy Similar to English players leaving england
@ChelseaTade Were Chelsea linked with him before
@RakUTD @RealistGlizzy Yeah bro Pogba will be able to play more advanced and freedom to take risks because Rice wou… https://t.co/ONKro826bw
@RakUTD @RealistGlizzy Swears Rice is ideal If we r doing a diamond Rice VDB Pogba Bruno Or Rice Pogba Bruno It would be nice
@DerronUtd @mufcMPB Yeah but we can't have 2 wingers earning a total of 450k per week For 1 to sit on the bench Mar… https://t.co/hlHPUDnC0x
@UtdApollo I hope Jlingz convinces Rice to come
@DerronUtd @mufcMPB I swear bro People think diallo is enough What happens when he gets injured Diallo and Sancho… https://t.co/jPEMMoHglv
@RealistGlizzy @RakUTD I watched the game Rodri is amazing He makes everything click Because he is a solid mobile D… https://t.co/RGR5D8OHYC
@DerronUtd @mufcMPB Sancho and Diallo would be nice
@UtdApollo Hey bro What's ur take on us signing Sancho for RW My take is that Dialo takes James position He is ine… https://t.co/rkhhC7ZyMf
@_DeclanRice @WestHam Come to united bro Massive performance once again
@Priceless_Silva @Dreamchaser_647 I rate him as high as I rate Mason Foden is so clear of every youngster bar Mason… https://t.co/5OPDQEEhFR
@Anna__Dray @RakUTD Sancho and AWB could also work
@Devilbeek7603 @JustLzw @utdreport Exactly but if we had signed Sancho It would have gone down as the best window… https://t.co/yaZeXQVpJD
@CFC_Hazz @Saadiqftbl10 @Matt_Law_DT 😂😂😂 OK bro
@CFC_Hazz @Saadiqftbl10 @Matt_Law_DT Like shaw loved Chelsea when he was at Southampton Then MUFC signed him Rice l… https://t.co/QOZv4HihMi
@CFC_Hazz @Saadiqftbl10 @Matt_Law_DT And now he is at united
@CFC_Hazz @Saadiqftbl10 @Matt_Law_DT Luke shaw also loved Chelsea bro