LoungeLou (@LoungeLou)

@cee_rrr Lidl pretzels are pretty good here 💕
@StartPlayer @Nichola_Barron Fund my dough kept sticking to peel, stumbled across a solution. Roll each portion of… https://t.co/M90IMeZ3MJ
@cee_rrr @thebakingnanna1 @Rob_C_Allen Absolutely. One great memory from living abroad.
@LouBcakes Who cares, if that's what the birthday girl wants and it tastes good!!!
@McBrideWriter Oof. Is that strawberry and rhubarb? My fave fruit combo. Husband eating exactly that in crumble form right at this minute!!!
@StartPlayer @thebakingnanna1 @Rob_C_Allen Used to get them in Marktkauf/Edeka Weil am Rhein on German- Swiss borde… https://t.co/xJEA5UvKFa
@JulesItsjules @NikoDaPortagee Is it due to Android/iPhone and which countries it has been rolled out to. Android i… https://t.co/5j9FMlYEBS
If coverage was this good I would be glued to the screen. Best quote.... "You wrote 3 best sellers and 9 other bo… https://t.co/IK5Qers61i
Thanks @thebakingnanna1 @Rob_C_Allen for giving me a reason to make Streuseltaler. Egg, butter enriched vanilla dou… https://t.co/9kNKRMKN1d
@jakelotusmusic @taskmaster I would settle for an audience member 💕
RT @JasonPollock2: Wednesday May 5th at 7pm EDT Jason Pollock and @jgonzalez10r will be joined by @JuliaScotti4 to interview the talented a…
@NikoDaPortagee Glad to be of service 😆
@NikoDaPortagee Just the thought of having to eat MacDonalds would act as a laxative for me. 😁
@RichardThresh @LisforLia @MellieJBS I was going to go 5 1/4" but thought 3.5" was more 1993. 😁
@LouBcakes I only dislike them because they create the illusion of speed, but that is not the reality when it doesn… https://t.co/ch6744JDCh
@LisforLia @MellieJBS I will just fax my original solution for just this paperless problem over to you, or do you w… https://t.co/tnUg23SFGJ
@Winters328 Totally get it. I don't want to count the lost days to migraines just spent sleeping them off in a dark… https://t.co/cLBwZ7Ej3F