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RT @austar17: Igbo parents apologizing to their kids like "It's OK, I say it's OK before nmawa gi anya now"
RT @Abiso_la: Students: The maths teacher won’t come today because of the Road. Maths Teacher:
RT @will__sho: if I pay 3k for beans and bread, I would be in pain... ewa agony
@beespeakz @Ade_authority @FoluShaw @Yemihazan Baba dey reason to add 6H, make e for complete two plates. 😂
RT @Nenabekee: I had been married about 1 year when we moved to Lagos. I was yet to get a new job and I had a baby so I was spending quite…
RT @kevincharlesdc: Quick Photoshop Tips that could probably save your life!🤯 — a thread 🧵
Daft people can be trusted to bring up lame arguments. That said, I'm still a bit shocked he went that far off tang…
RT @NaijaWikileaks: We have found evidence that @flyairpeace pilot @MacTontoh refused to fly aircraft until passenger comes to 'beg' him. h…