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RT @mondomascots: Olympic mascots Someity and Miraitowa at home, wondering why they weren’t invited to the opening ceremony.
has anyone found a legible olympics schedule
seeing people celebrate the president of the united states drinking water with one hand is making me want to lock myself in a bunker
@jduffyrice similarly, i would say my life peaked when i visited atlanta in 2004 and saw a gavin degraw concert at the olympic village
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@maryhumphreys somehow better than “lady popes”, which someone else shared
RT @maryhumphreys: @MarisaKabas I just want to draw everyone's attention to the Kenyon College Lords & Ladies. As in, the men's teams are "…
RT @vivtek2020: @MarisaKabas Not mine, but my daughter's: the Richmond Red Devils, in rural Indiana. Their mascot is literally Satan. This…
@benppollack that makes absolutely no sense. smart!
@isabeIlIa i feel like i need more of an explanation tho
RT @isabeIlIa: two hats. I don’t think that needs any explanation.
ok the whole thing with adding "lady" before the women's teams is so weird!! the whole point is that the school has…