MetAz_XII (@MetAz_XII)

Grats on the win @SilverNumber1. Undefeated indeed. More title defends wins then Omega.
I agree with this Statement. Video games have taken me to lots of worlds, stories and action its unbelievable. Theyโ€ฆ
Think it's time the @BBC to get rid of the TV Licence if they have a Subscription App in @BritBox_UK the thing is iโ€ฆ
@SilverNumber1 have you not been verified yet?
R. I. P. @OfficialEGO you fought with honour. Nice finisher @The_KarateMan I think @NetherRealm should hirer you for the next game. xD
@aewkillua Gods of wrestling yes. Doesn't have to be one like the Christian, Jewish and Muslim term. Could be Nordic or Greek.
@HutchIyh Even with the choas it is the best haha
@HutchIyh Baby poop and toys everywhere?
Not too keen on @IMPACTWRESTLING commentary team kinda feel Josh Matthews is taking lines off Madison Rayne, just cโ€ฆ
Is it possible for @Nintendo and @RareLtd to bring back #DiddyKongRacing or since @Microsoft @Xbox own rare it be iโ€ฆ