NoFlaws_AtAll (@NoFlaws_AtAll)

Bought some cute solar lights for my yard... I'm bout to get it together
My landlords got my yard together yesterday šŸ„° now my neighbor up tryna cut his šŸ™„
RT @dahrealminnie: all these girls going missing, lord please cover meā¤ļø
RT @_erykasymone: When stuff stresses me out, I feel like I have to go buy myself something and reward myself for the stress I endured. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜­
RT @HeavenSentMel: Getting prettier as I get older... shocked but not surprised
RT @Nbailey16: My toxic trait is playing calm while planning to take it too far šŸ„“
RT @wtfnoaugh: i like to buy all my own stuff cause the slightest chance of someone saying "you have that because of me" makes me šŸ¤¢šŸ¤¢šŸ¤¢šŸ¤¢šŸ¤®šŸ¤®šŸ¤®šŸ¤®
RT @faiththegemini: Nobody: Me going through his likes: Iā€™ll slap all these bitches šŸ˜’
RT @LiViBADD88: I really gotta be with someone who jokes with me all the time.. and send me memes.. and shit they think Iā€™ll find funny cuzā€¦
RT @MiamiiPrincess: Grown ass adults that can't communicate or desire a healthy relationship. Stuck in their ways full of toxicity. It's ugā€¦
RT @thecapgoddess: I feel like April is closing out a lot of old chapters in peopleā€™s lives. By choice or by force. Weā€™re in a transitionalā€¦
RT @chrissycarterr_: Im so hardbody and I LOVE that about me ! Regardless of any situation .. how a mf treat me .. what a mf do to me .. Iā€™ā€¦
RT @double0baybee: At this point šŸ˜‚ weird da biggest understatement.
RT @herapatra: I canā€™t wait to MOVE. Itā€™s on my mind everyday