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@THEREALRTU @YouTube It’s too late. They don’t want to be YouTube anymore, rich.
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@clips_tea @KillSexHavers You are obsessed. This is unhealthy. You want a particular channel banned for personal motive.
@KillSexHavers @clips_tea You all are obsessed. You think it was transformative content. Third party specialists di… https://t.co/lNf1bqAYY6
@TheRedMan119 They don’t have content outside of their side. That’s point
@mdrockwell We have this, click the menu button on the channel to get their RSS feed
@KingTutLearning no, they're not any of that. They're just a centralised website banked by GOP big wigs
@Masterge77 we want 2009 YouTube. that's what I've said as inspiration for odysee. shit like: filthy frank, idubbbz… https://t.co/asVkOSAQWH
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@TiffPollardFan @MrCysquatch lol I think it's important to have both, and let people choose. But you have to be able to offer both.