Oramking (@Oramking)

@BarcaTimes @Alfremartinezz Hire german coach.🤷🏼‍♂️
@totalBarca Stop hyping for Barca players and they will play at their best.
@talkfcb_ Koeman sold him and bought Luuk De Jong. Thank god we didn't had money or else he would have bought wijnaldum.🤦🏻‍♂️💀
@BarcaUniversal @ESPNFC WTF did even Jordi Cruff done at Barca to be part of administration? Just because he is son… https://t.co/UNmIt1su9L
@talkfcb_ Barca has right player's all we need is right manager to lead and not the best manager.
@kshitijshah23 Let me tell you all Barca fans one thing. We never hired top class manager apart from Cruyff. Pep wa… https://t.co/98TUdW4gus
@talkfcb_ Win/lose i want this same line-up for UCL except Roberto.
@unitedpal @njsjsgjhpjmvjk7 @ESPNFC Messi will never lose to Ronaldo in UCL final.💀
@BarcaUniversal @ClubMitjanit And we thought he sacrificed his national team for a love for Barca. Man signed for M… https://t.co/j1FMGDCV3H
@Jam8HH @talkfcb_ Same for me. I don't care if they lose/win. I just want Messi to score.
@talkfcb_ Atleast Argentina are playing at it's best. Only thing to enjoy as of now for Barca and Messi fans'..
@ReshadRahman_ No matter how big players you sign. If you don't have good manager you will never win.
@goal And look under which coach he played throughout his Barca career. Ps. Pep wasn't World class when he was hired at Barca.
@EverythingLM1O Man on 2 year's vacation.🗼
@totalBarca Ronald Koeman will finish Barcelona this season.
@BarcaUniversal @camimudarra Barcelona like Luis Fernandez (My school sports teacher) a lot.
@ESPNFC Wow no Messi's photo, i am surprised.🤯
@talkfcb_ First 70 mins player's hardly passing to messi despite having lot of space, last 20 mins everybody finding Messi.🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
@SadeSharma1 @talkfcb_ Even pressing is fascinating.