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@sallypenni1 I have the same dog too lol
Dance fitness dance class again at 7pm tonight ❤️🙈 I’ve found a way to enjoy working out and that’s by putting mus… https://t.co/Nt9AA5HA10
RT @StephLunch: Am buzzing my show has been recommissioned for another series. Thanks to my brilliant team on and off the telly 👏👏👏
@queenranvir @jojo_radebe Oh how I love this ❤️❤️❤️
RT @PackedLunchC4: Today’s #PackedLunchC4 The small business market is back with a twist: it's a kids' special! PLUS Dating with a disabili…
@xandvt @BBCMorningLive @msm4rsh @GethincJones You’re the best @xandvt so much pleasure listening to you
Your face was a different colour to your hands 😂🙈😂 - It was the highlight of my morning https://t.co/3bQj38ZweJ
Lmao 😂 never thought of that https://t.co/EjvHx6q3ef
@BootsThe @BBCMorningLive Hope that was a nice speed 😍
So so nice to be in the studio with the full team @GethincJones @xandvt and the queen of the swivel chair @msm4rshhttps://t.co/qmED3a3Hji
@TobyonTV No Toby it’s beans on weetabix lol
Yes Lauren!!!!! #thevoiceuk she’s a powerhouse
Oh gosh that was amazinggggg ❤️
I love love love hearing South African accent on tv @WayneandMorgan1 on @thevoiceuk come on boys
RT @BillBailey: Day 8 of quarantine in Auckland- looking forward to performing around NZ soon. Joined some Zoom dance/fitness classes with…
This is the best I’m video I’ve seen today https://t.co/mmo1ggEpaF
This made me crack! Uppppppoppo https://t.co/wJnFl9DIyp