PDrisc60 (@PDrisc60)

MA is a very very weird movie...
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Stardom World for some reason is not letting me watch matches at random. Like i can watch one from a show then not… https://t.co/1xD4T6qcdV
Well now the IICONICS can go to Japan..
Budget cuts my ass
Bro what the absolute fuck?????
Bro wwe is fucking wild
I don't think @Skyzoo has ever missed. Man got dope album after dope album. Excited for this new album drop.
@Phenohyte180 A Christmas Fucking Miracle or DDFH Oh My Darling Thursday In The Danger Room/ Down Walking In The… https://t.co/knbjA6ICU8
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They HAD to bring out Lil Naitch fpr this main event of course. #WrestleMania
So this.... Is where we get the Bellas.? #WrestleMania
Please don't recap that piece of shit opener #Wrestlemania
That match actually ruled. #Wrestlemania
Has there been anyone in Mania history that has won while having live music? Besides maybe Mysterio and HHH #Wrestlemania