We’re going to create millions of jobs building a better America — an America with the best infrastructure in the w… https://t.co/Kq3aVV4EAr
Today, I signed an executive order directing the federal government to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.
Rebuilding America. Investing in America. Building a Better America. That’s what my Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is all about.
Tune in as I deliver remarks on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. https://t.co/xNvdFHKAmo
Congratulations to Germany’s new Chancellor Olaf Scholz. I look forward to building on the strong ties between our… https://t.co/HwjRQPbpkl
I’m on my way to Missouri to lay out how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will transform our nation’s infrastructu… https://t.co/Z5mtHX8joF
The new data from Pfizer on vaccine effectiveness against Omicron is encouraging. This reinforces what my medical a… https://t.co/l2WpIbei14
Electric vehicles are the future. With my Build Back Better Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we're going t… https://t.co/sFFWiv68vD
Since I took office in January, we’ve had the fastest drop in unemployment in a single year — and the most jobs add… https://t.co/X7ZnrkIwyT
Nobody has held prescription drug companies accountable. Until now. https://t.co/s1YcYTfHdL
December 7, 1941, is a day that lives in infamy 80 years later. We will never forget those who perished at Pearl Ha… https://t.co/oIpalr0rgz
As we mark National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we honor the patriots who perished, commemorate the valor of all… https://t.co/PvFE01wJWn
Right now, Americans pay as much as $1,000 a month for insulin. Under my Build Back Better Act it'll be $35.
I’ve already taken two significant steps to lower prescription drug prices: I signed an Executive Order that will… https://t.co/95sFDx97xd
Prescription drug prices aren’t a partisan issue. This is about whether or not you and your loved ones can afford… https://t.co/gZuOgJ15el
Third, we’re going to end the days where drug companies could increase their prices with no oversight. Going forwar… https://t.co/fVSquuwGLE
Second, for people with diabetes who don’t have health insurance today, we’re helping you get insurance so you can… https://t.co/mCfXgg0oLP
First, we are going to cap cost-sharing for insulin at $35 per month. Whether you get health insurance through your… https://t.co/sNk5ahVNyU
For certain types of insulin, people can pay up to $1,000 per month. Under my Build Back Better Act, we’re going… https://t.co/vD9aa4uzJ2