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@sethanikeem uuuuh best coworker ever?
@KatibaraArt it's going to come to you. we believe in you! you can also get some inspiration/ideas from other crea…
@Kurz_Gesagt when you wake up 5 minutes before your alarm
@rainylune they look like they smell berry good
@gatorsafterdark just bring those sweet gators over here
RT @Cory_Henry: It’s nothing like enjoying your own music. It’s amazing as artist, we tend to shy away from our own creations...
@JoEllenNotte WOO! welcome to the family! 🎉
@AllAgesofGeek love having you on the Ambassador team! 🤝
@HearAnneRoar ❤️🤗
@sethanikeem @ElyriaRose and we love having incredible creators like you in our community ❤️
@sethanikeem @ElyriaRose a Patreon squad is unlike any other
@saltbag4 as the saying goes: when life gives you rocks, make amazing and creative things. we believe in you.
@saltbag4 have you tried unplugging and plugging it back in?
@PodRevDay an intro expert at this point 👑
@RealEzekielRage @AidennQueen why of course ❤️
@Alvinsch @VeciGM ❤️❤️❤️
@ChilluminatiPod let's gooo. congratulations! what a community 👏
Set boundaries. Prioritize your mental health. 🏅 @HearAnneRoar shares some words of wisdom on avoiding creative bu…