Pengu (@Pengu)

@BlingCakes @vexx444 i aint got a father so hes not wrong
@d4n_nyy @aimlab speaking of old men. check your damn dms Danny, ive never been without your attention for this long
@Adahdf_ @aimlab With the power of aimlab it'll reach new numbers that was out of reach. that or i'll just shoot even more bodies
If you've been watching my stream you know I have been a supporter of @aimlab for a very long time, beyond stoked t… and keep an eye out for my Siege warmup playlist coming next week 👀
Since my retirement from R6S, I have needed a way to stay sharp. Proud to announce I am an #aimlabpartner @aimlab
@Drvn_R6 ???? mby focus on your scrimm tonight so you dont do what you did in the go4 :O
@thylorbasow morning = time you wake up. it's always morning somewhere ;)
@BroCanadian @Lycan @KidSkys You would have to, otherwise it ends up being 4x hard breach bans or something silly c…
@BikiniBodhi This is exactly what we have been needing for year(s) and especially now. godsend
@BroCanadian @KidSkys @Lycan it could be 1 protect ( could be either att/Def ) followed by 1 addiotional ban ( cou…
The marketing and trailers behind Battlefield 2042 is SUPREME. they really nailed this reveal/Hype
@SolidSnake51_ It can only be a good thing that they are going out of their way to do these things.