Pogclover (@Pogclover)

Alright im gonna go do my chores see ya latee
@might_be_zoe Too fucking late They don't work though
@benchmark_bench Okay I'll tell the snipers I have around your house not to shoot
@roxannewolf123 @fnafMoondrop @Handunit__ @_The_Music_Man_ @fnafSunrise I couldddd try to posses you assuming you do kill me
@benchmark_bench I couldn't I like you too much
@fnafMoondrop @roxannewolf123 @Handunit__ @_The_Music_Man_ @fnafSunrise Then your stuck with me forever and you don't want that
Honestly Rate Yourself Looks: 7/10 Creativity: 8/10 Mental health: 2/10 Empathy: 3/10 Humor: 9/10 Patience: 6/10… https://t.co/P6E8D9USnX
@roxannewolf123 @Handunit__ @_The_Music_Man_ @fnafSunrise @fnafMoondrop Come onnnn after all my adventure this is the place I die?