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@Bodyfatcoach so, I did some research. For a "Physical Trainer"- everything on your YouTube is wrong. If I fough… https://t.co/IVVbYMrPX5
If you work in fitness and physical consultation, you still represent the medical field. I highly doubt this indi… https://t.co/bqLsazi60U
@Bodyfatcoach Stop being a covidiot. Get the jab before people like you cause yet, another lockdown. And as a per… https://t.co/tyEZv0R5fD
@TPAca @sureteduquebec Wow, a tough guy who can fire on a female... And I know how Quebec's Prisons work... this guy's finished.
It's because of men like this that little boys and girls actually have a chance. No, I don't support the military… https://t.co/2PhfGDtYRW
I've watched people die, that shouldn't have died. I've watched people starve, when they could've had food. I've wa… https://t.co/1v1QYbd42a
If everything goes well, which fingers crossed that things will go well... My girlfriend had reached out to the… https://t.co/X5VQsYqRgE
@ThatEricAlper If I had a choice where I'd be going, absolutely. I'm not liking what Canada, it's society or the i… https://t.co/0QDmmTIKb0
It's not about where you're from. It's about where you're at... 9 years ago, I used illegal drugs for the last tim… https://t.co/9qmisvPiBa
@FaZe_Rain Almost going 9 years strong off everything except marijuana- but it's legal where I'm at. So, 9 years… https://t.co/bGwrwUzWOJ