RiZzyUTD (@RiZzyUTD)

@12nnimxo He’s the one that gets made fun of the most so it’s understandable tbf 😭😭 this killed me off yesterday https://t.co/SHu40ZtVh2
@12nnimxo No way 😭😭 I heard somewhere that they were cool with that picture going around
@12nnimxo He should be getting paid for this meme at this point 😂😂
Who remembers this? Rooney pissing off the same two City fans after 4 years https://t.co/zYJHJJQje9
@ManUtd @WayneRooney He’s the reason why I’m a United fan. Happy retirement, @WayneRooney ❤️
Why is there no Wayne Rooney statue at Old Trafford? I swear he would’ve had one at any other PL club. United need… https://t.co/TYiEoQtkdi
@LFCAdaam @marni__sc The Anfield record is finally coming to an end