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@J_F1GHT3R @Mylastbraincel4 @NintendoAmerica Be patient and wait dude, covid literally happened and you are acting…
@BiffyAc @SpaceChupacabra @TrylekM @NintendoAmerica And it was released the same year and month as Covid... what's your point...?
@TrylekM @SpaceChupacabra @NintendoAmerica And it was released the same year as Covid, what's your point?
@nicholasdeorio Ah... so basically a DefNoddles clone?
@EnglishVAFails I'm always indoors, so... no need to lol
@Burning_razor Fuuuuuck, I can't spell 😂
@sakura1125td @Goddess_Maxwell Having pronouns in your bio just means that you guys are salty and have invalid opinions.
@Burning_razor Anfmd he has pronouns in his bio.
When you lie and can't stop lying that you forget that screenshots are a thing.
He gets feelings hurt and doesn't realize that he was literally harassing me all damn night yesterday? That's the b…