SavageApe6 (@SavageApe6)

@Tee_JayT That mf hit? What about 7?
Idk if he tryna prove a point but y’all calling him gay shows how dumb y’all sound when you say it
I stole something every year from the Book Fair at school. Ain’t no way in hell ima let y’all brag bout the shit y’…
Lmfaoooo β€œI’m leaving with something”
@hitxne Them boys was having fun and living life
@hitxne Lmfaoo. Not this day. But them boys ended up passing later down the line
@JustinHeartman1 This a fact. Mfs don’t have they own sense of fashion anymore
@JustinHeartman1 Man what. All it takes is a celeb to wear it one good time. And you’ll never be able to purchase with ease again
@JustinHeartman1 Facts Coach always been high end. Mfs just really followers.
It’s about to be cold. Fuck he need AC for? Stop pocket watching and get you some money