SirYangchen (@SirYangchen)

@ArachnidCave @LizardWoIf It’s the most stupid trend bro I just wanna pee
@ArachnidCave @LizardWoIf It’s one the new wing. It was closed this morning.
@ArachnidCave @LizardWoIf They know very well. They had to close the 600 hall bathroom Bc they put the soap dispens…
@ArachnidCave No idiot don’t turn urself in. They don’t have cameras in the bathroom
@ArachnidCave Can I have it instead. Ur a criminal sooo
@JackPosobiec Oh no not a man leaning sooooo beta
No one actually gives a fuck, not even the furthest left of the left.
@SunclawDrgn When I was younger I would always see a cross and be like “woah it’s the true cross!” But one day my…
@ArachnidCave Don’t let the cops see ur armed
@WarBirdUSA Southern confederate rebels are way lamer than weird yankees make them out to be.
@WarBirdUSA @Rogos_Ironhide @SiggYeen I’m pretty sure they are calling them a fed
@ArachnidCave So many people love and care about you
@ArachnidCave No. Everything gets better man.
@FDRLST Maybe we should help out educators more. Idk just a thought
@EbagEtan @HelaPortal @lambda077 @peoplebaiter @Scrimzox He deleted all his videos multiple times and renamed his channel