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For you who keep telling Black people to be patient... “You’ve taken my mother’s and my father’s time, my uncle’s… https://t.co/NFNKG1EM5H
While America is vacillating over whether or not to charge white supremacist, terrorists, who broke into the US Cap… https://t.co/kNCVsO6se0
@leonpor87446313 @NeverthelessPer I it’s been six days and transgender ‘s, LGBT ‘s, undocumented, have all received… https://t.co/o3CVPXzDX0
@andre5800 Patience? How does 402 yrs sound? Is that patient enough? Why do Black people always have to exercise… https://t.co/rBbJ3KB6by
@rbottoms @GrayHairedCutie @cxrhartt Stop being disingenuous. Democrats had the White House for eight years before… https://t.co/K5NoBdf61R
@cxrhartt @rbottoms This includes Latino, Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian Americans, Pacific Islander… https://t.co/9vrdZ7ySpp
@rbottoms And that has what to do I with the administration addressing issues specific to BLACK PEOPLE? Let’s not r… https://t.co/PkXVf0Wcmu
RT @TalbertSwan: @NeverthelessPer This is always the answer when it comes to Black people. We have to wait in line behind everyone else, bu…
@NeverthelessPer This is always the answer when it comes to Black people. We have to wait in line behind everyone e… https://t.co/dp26eY0Vkv
“But Bishop, Joe Biden just got in office a week ago, what do you expect?” I expect him to prioritize issues impor… https://t.co/P3Dwhdcp2q
Muslim Al Qaeda terrorists from Saudi Arabia attacked the World Trade Center 20 YEARS AGO and y’all are still sayin… https://t.co/SjPkWBE06Y
There is no ‘shut up and be quiet,’ ‘be patient,’ or ‘wait and see’ period for Black people. Our fight for justice… https://t.co/MgnIlY5qJ7
Black people should not have to WAIT and see what Dems will do for them. DON’T GET IT TWISTED...if it weren’t for… https://t.co/si1wc6xwMp
Now that Democrats have the WH, House, and the Senate, we’re seeing which white liberals were only anti-Trump but n… https://t.co/XdjciDm0JZ
@thomasfroman2 And that’s all you ever were, anti-trump, never anti-white supremacy. You pulled a racist, stereoty… https://t.co/UL8ieN08UF
@thomasfroman2 You can go straight to Hades with the racist ‘angry Black man’ trope. You liberals kill me with your… https://t.co/zOHUaFSF8y
@MajorEvans9 @thomasfroman2 How about you take a break from my timeline and refrain from telling a grown Black man… https://t.co/V8cZQMR7NC
@jcpenny41 @thomasfroman2 In a week he’s addressed the undocumented, transgenders, re-joined the Paris accord, reve… https://t.co/dVhxRnpGrl
Putting the visage of a Black woman on a low denomination of currency, that is still more than the minimum wage man… https://t.co/B9w3daDZRO
@thomasfroman2 So y’all wanted Black people to vote for Biden and the Democrats but not to criticize or hold them a… https://t.co/APzvurjjFs