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@srpski_dubliner @tinab 😬😬😬
I watched an episode of “the home edit” on Netflix. I just realized I spent an hour of my life watching 12 people o…
I just received an email from official Eventbrite email address (confirmed on website) with 14 tickets to an event…
I didn’t wanna believe it but it’s true doja cat is gen z’s nicki minaj
Anyone know of something similar to @wirecutter but for Europe?
@VanMoof cannot figure out when my orders will be delivered. Said bike was shipped 30/11 but tracking number is invalid.
@KALIUCHIS so when u coming to Amsterdam
K, squid game was great but if I hear one more song sample it I’m gonna lose it
Imagine you had an Android Right now #dark
Can someone explain to me why EU citizens are still banned from the US? Zero logic at this point.
@frankie 🍌🍌🍌
Ok @transavia. It doesn’t feel nice to have to wait longer for you bags than the entire duration of your flight. Di…
@shortyjeinberg Thought it was just me
Today I found out that Elizabeth Moss is a Scientologist. 💀