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@DiPunished I believe some of it boils down to younger women being able to take attention for granted (to the point… https://t.co/uXpSnsV2HL
@PoliticalProfi1 @G_Rhodenizer I'm with Maupin. Kamala is a placeholder for the descending but still relevant clin… https://t.co/BMW6KVdMvm
@AlecStapp Nate is incredibly good at statistical analysis and is the only public political intellectual who both d… https://t.co/8UsfeMnS2s
@Enopoletus Targeting luxury spending stops wealthy people from spending their money, which is what's best for the… https://t.co/pYfWPw1mY7
@jac2999 I was talked out of that brilliant idea!
@nedkellystan When I'm doing my postcolonial tirades, it sounds like you're listening to a libtard unless you follow it very carefully.
@KamalaHarris No. We need to give women the support they need to do what they want to do, which is quite often bein… https://t.co/FOuFX8hGiY
Please disregard my previous decade of claims that people who do paywalls are shameless grifters. This paywall is a People's Paywall.
When I act like I'm speaking to a lot of people in my Space here shortly, just go along with it if you're one of th… https://t.co/FMGIB5chzT
@thumosbot @roisindubh78 Women need to boycott doing photoshoots in wheatfields until the demand that they be respe… https://t.co/ana7KfBGTC
RT @NICKIMINAJ: Right. I can’t speak to, agree with, even look at someone from a particular political party. Ppl aren’t human any more. If…
@roisindubh78 I wonder if there's a similar phenomenon, where mixed race marriages end with the dude blaming it ent… https://t.co/nmELOXHa5v
@roisindubh78 Anti-TERF is the smart message to center the gop platform on for the midterms. 🤣