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@XanderMobusVO If you do read the first Witcher book make sure to read the short story collection first as it's the… https://t.co/678fFeZWPl
@InquisitorOnyx It's a great game just really different to 3 so be aware of that. I also think the game comes into… https://t.co/HoBi8n2qEm
@KanzakiMOON I guess because it's a very apt reaction when someone says something along the lines of 'shirou's shit… https://t.co/5Cy0QVR3XW
@SimianJimmy I liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Sue me.
@SMTNetwork Game cost me like 200 aud, has to by it in England and ship it over to Australia using a proxy service, was a pain.
@antitractionist @GameOverGreggy Well I mean ATB has been around since IV I'm pretty sure, so if you wanna be technical, since then.
@Killafoe1 It's a sad world we live in. Even with the 60 years it's been on it still has less episodes then One piece.
@Killafoe1 I think you don't talk about Dr who enough, you talk about Yu-Gi-Oh the exact amount I want.
@KanzakiMOON Is this the only scientific calculator to ever exist, I live in Australia and literally have the exact same one.
@TheSerranity @thinkiamsad @staroftherogue Cause my parents bought a clock from Ikea that had the 4 I'd. This annoy… https://t.co/sOfNC0XtgO
@Purpliest34 @feni_tos Just started this game. Seems like a romance is starting to build, oh boy I sure hope nothing bad happens.
@thinkiamsad @staroftherogue Yeah but those clocks have it like that because the clock is then symmetrical, with 4… https://t.co/K7mbSzP6IT
@gelus_noise @dadnier Amazing Art, I only wish someone could translate so I could read it. But it's always nice to see Nier fan works.
@MetiNTBG Nah it's fun in strange journey, if it was random teleport then definitely but since it always goes to th… https://t.co/4GjXYw70m0
@InquisitorOnyx I would still recommend 1, the story and gameplay aren't as good, buts it's still a great game with… https://t.co/jEatdoYyGy
@Paradoxisdumb I just realized that Nero's there cause his devil trigger in DMC4 is basically a stand/persona.
@Killafoe1 Currently going through Patrick troughton and from what Ive seen so far in interview Sylvester McCoy is… https://t.co/18DZLUcn6N
@Killafoe1 Him using special beam cannon was always so God damn cool.
@Foxo_Commando @wumbsie @narumitsued I'm pretty sure it was one of if not the last film Robin Williams was in.
@kohakudoori Don't listen to the others it's a good game, just have YouTube or something playing when you're in the combat sections.