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RT @vurnt22: Henry Goldrich also took on consignment prototypes & weirdo one offs by inventors & luthiers. These were part of the Display…
RT @AlanSiegelDC: @joshgondelman On the North Shore in the '90s we had at least *six* rock stations to choose from: WBCN, WAAF, WFNX, WZLX,…
RT @vurnt22: The Blues “purists” would have preferred for those MEN to have stayed truck drivers & not had 2nd careers AT ALL if not for th…
Duke took Bean & Rabbit fr. Roxbury. "Cynthia & Jerry got a message they sayin'":
My cousin Stuey told me he had a Little Black Sambo record when he was small- & my moms tossed it in the trash:
RT @bobproehl: @BCDreyer One of the last times I was in a full theater was my 40th birthday, watching Pyscho with an orchestra doing Herman…
RT @BCDreyer: Watching Psycho because I've only seen it thirty or forty times so far. It's astonishing.
James', Parliament's, Stax's, INPO:
First Cam (Newton), then Pam (Grier). The disrespect
@JeffreyGuterman I see why Robert was writing all that lovey dovey stuff
Billy Martin in this horrible Ron LeFlore biopic
@jamiaw They're not gonna burn their Klan hoods
@LynzforCongress @sarahkendzior It's important to delve into the meat of the bill
@linzsports Pete Rozelle when JFK was killed
@Dart_Adams My folks saved some of his works. They wish they had kept more