blackgodwayne (@blackgodwayne)

RT @2811myblock: No one cared when he did the same thing with the Nets lmao people just couldn’t stand that Steph was gonna get more rings
Stephen A doesn’t even try on football topics anymore it’s kinda embarrassing
If Stroud is hurt for more than one game the Qb controversy may be legit
He back wearing his high school number?
RT @allday__ajking: There’s a chance CJ is really really hurt.
Lets wait to see if Kyle has the goods Saturday
Olave/Wilson/Nubia getting their numbers so the others Wrs can eat second half >>>
RT @Markmoney__: Kyle making bad reads but his receivers saving him Saturday >>>>>>>>>
@davontestewart Kinda good it’s Akron because we start conference play next week
RT @johnrivers131: CJ stroud lost out on 4 TDS this weekend smh
If we being honest about spring game Kyle looked the best
I’m the biggest advocate for black qbs on the planet
@KingTez2414 @cavsbuckeyes He a Browns fan lol same division