breakwayd (@breakwayd)

How do you y’all have all those notifications?
Saw a lime light dracaena sitting on a chair outside the plant shop for 98.00 and if I was by myself I would’ve bro…
Shit was about to get wild here if Trump was re-elected. We were almost about to have to start paying for weather info
Can’t believe DeJoy still the postmaster after he tried to buy stock in a couple before he announced a contract he gave them 😭
RT @DashingSoulJay: Adult Swim posting a list of black people who have helped make adult swim what it is Respect @adultswim
They gave Gobert too much money for them to put all them buckets on his head
Lebron lost to plenty others before that. Y’all doing a lot to disparage KD/Giannis so y’all can ride Bron jock and…
Sasuke opting out of a new arm will never make sense to me.