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@BradAtzinger Team can pick the option up then extend the deal on top of the final two years left on those rookie contracts.
Quick note: Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield should have their fifth-year rookie options picked up this…
@craiger113 Not saying otherwise. But some of the throws have just been poor.
@HannonJosh He's been great this season. He's just missed throws tonight. That's more than fair.
The Bills are going to win this game, but Josh Allen has been horrendous trying to push the ball downfield today.
RT @Ravens: QB Lamar Jackson is in concussion protocol.
@COACHBAKER52 And the wife wonders about me when I tell her about all these little things guys try to get away with on the field.
@COACHBAKER52 My point is that is should be called more often. Heh. I've seen college games where one big boy is si…
@COACHBAKER52 To be fair, linemen tend to receive quite a bit of leeway when it comes to being illegally downfield.
Helpful tip: A difference exists between a playaction pass and RPO. They're not one in the same.
RT @NextGenStats: The Ravens 22% blitz rate in the first half would be the lowest by the team in a game this season (previous-low was 27%).…
@NateBissell They have Fabiano and Hance to play along interior. Lamm might be able to kick inside in a pinch.
Oh, so NOW Justin Tucker can miss kicks.
Headline: "6'5", 240-pound quarterback falls down after being breathed upon by defender in vicinity."
Whole point of offensive coaching in today's game is to place the quarterback, even the great Aaron Rodgers, in the…
RT @RapSheet: The #Steelers are expected to promote QB coach Matt Canada to offensive coordinator, sources tell me and @TomPelissero. A cre…
Doesn't count. Not a real pass with playaction involved.
So much of the Rams offseason conversation will center on Jared Goff, but I give the QB a ton of credit for playing…
@NateBissell He did. But Taylor is a tackle, not an interior blocker.