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@AllisonETEC Today was only day 7 for me. It feels like at least 20 🥴
The ocean is my happy place. @ Hooper Bay, Alaska
@LibraryBunag It's about inspiring students. Give them critical thinking and problem solving skills. Let them have some ownership. #akedchat
@LibraryBunag I admire several educators who are working to inspire phenomenal teaching practices. @PrincipalKafele
@LibraryBunag #akedchat I have a Nelson Mandela quote as part of my email signature. I believe we should educate ho…
@LibraryBunag Welcome back #akedchat! I'm Brit, elementary teacher in Hooper Bay.
Just posted a photo @ Hooper Bay, Alaska
@midnight_sonne How terrible. Today mine was a full page long. It was the only way to actually get it all done without totally losing it.
@PamVerfaillie Oh, this was my personal one at home. Luckily I've been able to fix all issues with the one at schoo…
Just posted a photo @ Hooper Bay, Alaska
Just posted a photo @ Hooper Bay, Alaska
Late night lesson planning and laminating. Cocoa is staging a formal protest 😂 #catsofinstagram #cocoa
@midnight_sonne THIS. People always make fun of my list making. It makes my head less loud.
@MissNatale3rdGr @NicholasFerroni We should absolutely be friends. This is also what I spent my summer doing 😂
I'm at the #BackToSchool point where I'm so #TeacherTired that it hurts thinking about standing in the shower, but…
@kellenbrent As a teacher, my students were the easiest acceptance of masks. They just want to be at school. Adults…
@yeaitsyourmom You are a person I got the vaccine for. I'm so sorry not enough others felt the same to get to herd immunity.
@thewineyteacher Ours was in person and I got caught in a meeting during lunch, so I brought it back. You wither wa…
Flew in to Anchorage last night for district in-service. My plane came VERY close to crashing into a mountain. I on…
@chasspod You genuinely need to. Gross to clean, but my anxiety appreciates the false therapy 😂