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@trillmoregirls And she's literally on Twitter, I'm not going to tag her into this shitshow but it's so ugly of the…
@trillmoregirls anyway finally blocked TrueAnon, good fucking riddance. absolutely heinous behavior
@trillmoregirls wow this is really reprehensible and I've also like..... spoken to Candii about her experiences, sh…
@literElly This is my horny emoji (it has horns)
@MaximumOverDerp Yes! On the way to the Biden Welcome Center lmao
@InkfaceFahz This state has a malevolent energy
Passing thru Delaware and I just saw an ad for an ER with a live wait-time clock (displaying 0 minutes) with the ca…
the Glen Campbell (of Rhinestone Cowboy fame) cover of Good Riddance/Time of Your Life is excellent btw
RT @DebsEbooks: Socialists are not on the alert for some mythical Moses to lead them into a fabled promised land, nor expect any “great man… I made this country mix for @bitchvibrations, be warned that it's horny (in an evil way) but enjoy
the Toby Keith lyric that's like "we got lovers/we got lookers/we even got dancing girls and h**kers/ and we like t…
RT @PubicZirconium: guardians is ok but my idea was better
@ArtinAmerica @mimosa_montes @BerlantBro The caption appears to not show on mobile
RT @oksoumhi: autofiction? you mean like lightning McQueen ?
RT @oksoumhi: autofiction? you mean like lightning McQueen ?