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RT @LoveJMJK13: kate minslet and leonardo jungcaprio Jikook. I think they like the movie🧐🧐🧐 https://t.co/x9kD9Nj8CO
RT @izhqr_: trust me, if my parents doesn't know your name, our friendship is not that deep.
RT @Suzystrash: #SisyphusTheMyth giving us the whole back story of Rebecca before lee joon ki bought it 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/Cv4JZoD8XF
RT @jaewoorld: You're sad? Today is MiNaHyun’s last day at inkigayo and taeyong relay cam is the last one https://t.co/tESYAN3kTf
RT @ed3mss: i am such a “huh” ass person. lmao i got bad hearing sorry 😭
RT @joxxanna: education maybe tak mampu menjamin aras gaji kita, tapi education boleh mempengaruhi cara kita berfikir & bertindak.
RT @SolastaJaem_: You're sad? Taeyong relay cam is the last relay cam, Now you're sadder https://t.co/92BmTuR3lL
RT @4ngxlz: i’m scared to date people bc what if we break up
RT @bucksblunt: why is nobody talking about the newest disney princess, raya https://t.co/JTPFlg7kgC
RT @LJNFILES: does jeno have 11 protons? because he is sodium fine... https://t.co/vzgM7hllpn
RT @hnshzqh: i suka ada orang teman study. cam takyah cakap apa apa pun you buat la kerja sendiri. i just need to feel your presence