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Dana said if Usman wins this weekend Colby is next.
Dana on the bubbles: The media was being so crazy about the whole Covid thing, you had to make the media feel safe.
Dana on fans at UFC 261: You can wear a mask. Or not wear a mask. It's up to you. It's your decision.
Ben Askren confirms he made more on Saturday than any other night in his MMA career. #HelwaniShow
Ben Askren: It became a bigger public spectacle than anything I've ever done and it was the thing I probably cared…
@ekc He said if he wanted that they were probably gonna find someone else.
@SeannyMac_ Was just a joke. Puts the blame on Shelby for the Stephens/Klose incident.
Askren: He's got a good overhand right. I didn't defend it well enough. #HelwaniShow
Askren says the losses to Masvidal and Paul are equally embarrassing. #HelwaniShow
Celebrity Boxing is nothing new. 2002's Celebrity Boxing 1 special on FOX averaged 15.5M viewers (that's more than…