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RT @PSGalu: One of the best Di Maria's assists I have ever seen man, such a baller
RT @nazian_ally: “Founding member” walking back to the 9th position 😂😂
RT @danroan: BREAKING I understand Chelsea are now preparing documentation to request withdrawing from the ESL
RT @wamuyunkariuki: Meanwhile the Subaru drivers in Karirana- Limuru. What is this nonsense. The cyclists 🚴‍♀️ were just lucky. Do these gu…
RT @FabrizioRomano: José Mourinho has been sacked by Tottenham, confirmed. Ryan Mason set to take over until June as reported by Telegraph.…
@_JamesErick_ Such a perfect result 🔥
RT @Brianmbunde: Don't come to my house without calling. What if I'm with your sister, bro? Now our friendship's ruined because of you.
RT @aandrewwz: Restarting the song because you blinked during your favorite part >>>