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Galway guys look like it was killing you jobs or wd the fucking truth with fucking happened that's their job to pro…
That's about how ignorant he is and anyone else who sees it that way
Lebron you gonna give him an award for saving the lady in pink's life
You are so right you wacko bitch Rachel made owlout what times we are in you could say that again
Good for you IOC 1st time you've done something right in a while
Yeah right a 4th grader to figure that out I mean they are just so fucking ballsy insult intelligence fucking video…
What's the next 4 award for saving other woman's life
That cop save that lady in the pink life
Do your eyes lie to you are what you sing the video that woman was running straight to stab the shit out of that ot…
Shame on you ABC News shame on you your part of the fucking problem you are the fucking problem the way you start o…
Your right that police offer Saved the woman's life
The same way is to everybody respect themselves to respect others
Think about that the attorneys not a doctor or medical examiner
Your right in more Omar what did the medical examiner say died from closed case.
Someone in 4th grade configure this out what did the Medicall examiner say that he died from
What is going on with people with disregard for life in safety of people what did you expect in altercation the cop…