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RT @ProctrDoctr: How can bigs be the running backs of basketball if the 4 names you mentioned are amongst the top 10 most impactful players…
RT @JJMaples55_MST: I'm not following this one, G
RT @swaveyquis: Ayton can take any shot he wants in my eyes everyone else wanna chuck up 3’s
RT @MrYeahIKnow: Harrison Barnes PROFESSIONAL 31 right now whew, no extras all straight jumpers lol
RT @gotmybrands_on: Bench unit getting treated like a $5 hooker but did you see how deflated Ayton looked on the bench smh that’s why he’s…
RT @itsjustTaj_: why won’t nassir little develop his game ?
RT @FreeBandziel: Is Cam Johnson the best Tar Heel currently in the NBA?
RT @theseaintjokesb: Dwight Howard should make this all-75 team... 8 time all star 8 time all nba 3 time DPOY 5 time all defense 5 time reb…
RT @el_budget: We gotta stop this idea that black parents aren’t financially responsible. Because they not trading stocks and reading Dave…
Sure but how talented do you got to be to have these issues and still be #1 recruit and #1 pick
RT @thetillshow: MPJ is high skill
What’s his main skill in those 40 games?
RT @MrYeahIKnow: @johnrivers131 They’re zoning dame off the ball screen short roll been wide open all game you have to make the right play
RT @ClintParks05: Sixers told Ben Simmons get a jumper and a bunch former players crying foul for him. He got money blah blah yall pocket w…
RT @ClintParks05: Tatum not wiggling the same too buff man.