josephdfisher (@josephdfisher)

Restaurants who give out them napkins that let out that napkin dust when you touch them.....yall should be fined. T…
@JackFritzWIP Why he run like he tryna get to the toilet without having an accident
@Eagles @Landon_2012 Whats that Jersey number? Tryna be slick cutting it out lol
It was painful watching this second night of the #NFLDraft . Watching all these good players go off the board and w…
@SebastianAvenue Bruh I'm stopping by on Monday after my interview lol
@EliotShorrParks They are about to lose both top corners and probably Devante Smith in the next couple picks
@JackFritzWIP Yup perfect timing! Can't get any better than that!
That finale of #SnowfallFX got me all the way ready for Season 5! Can't leave me like that.....