kittyonceee (@kittyonceee)

Need one of these for decor at our next place @Knowgcmusic
RT @Knowgcmusic: No one: Law enforcement:
RT @NasirNeutron: Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson’s careers after they came for Beyoncé:
@oneofwaan I found them! They were wrapped up in my pillow case smh
RT @D_1andOnly_: This may be the DUMBEST shit I’ve ever seen. Black folks can’t even drive the speed limit without cops racially profiling…
I got like 6 things crossed off todays to-do list I’ve been productive af
@casiewndl Just found them 😭 wrapped up in my pillow lmaooooo
RT @Stea1TH_06: Fire her immediately. Accusing him of sexual assault when he’s trying to escape a fight?! Do you not know the damage this c…
It’s been a week I still can’t find my airpods omfg
RT @KidChaosMIA: Proud of my city. Pulled up to dog house the very next day like “Do that hoe shit now” 💯💪🏾 #United