koreansales (@koreansales)

@secondtwinnie hi it is not available anymore sorry!
We're also going to order the items alr paid now. ^^
We are going to close preorder 3 as there are too little people ordering already TT
If any of you would like to order a snsd Tokyo photobook replica , this would be what it would consist of ^^ http://twitpic.com/5s2kn7
Yes it is unfortunately out of stock and will not be replenished because the concert is over TT
Oh no! The snsd pamphlets might be oos TT why!! I'm tryin to contact the supplier right now D:
We have sent in order for snsd pamphlets ^^
@shineeshawols hi would you like to collaborate with us to create a funpack for the upcoming SHINee world concert?
RT @xiaoalienDJTeuk: @koreansales Selling Super Junior Photocard. refer to kpopzonemanic.wordpress.com
We do supply ^_^
We need 45 cappings before we can send in our order! We currently only have 8 TT please spread to your friends!
Will be adding tee designs that idols have worn before soon!
Have also added many Korean tees @ SGD$20!
We will also be ordering the SNSD Japan pamphlets this weekend!
To ensure your items arrive before then, it is best to order them now!
Items are added in preparation of the upcoming SHINee World Concert in Singapore on 10 September 2011!
There are also SHINee World badges and handphone straps!
There are 2 versions for jelly bands, 3 versions for the circle fans!