kristoferjenner (@kristoferjenner)

RT @itsme__azairah: For those who don’t know, he’s reading a death threat, still performed, got killed that night. #ElGalloDeSinaloa
RT @thetrudz: I don’t care about nothin enough to be woken up like this. Like wtf.😭😭
RT @mixtapeminimus1: These mofos from South America and one was spotted in North Dallas. You can’t tell me mofos ain’t out here playing Jum…
RT @barbiiekenzz: BECAUSE I’M BLASIAN LMFAOOOOOOO YOOO 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 that took me out
RT @briaaawilliams: It gets worse and worse every time I see a new message. 😂