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@ksrautomation Can I cook with you chefs
RT @ksrautomation: NBA Hoops Holiday Boxes ✅ Pokemon Shining Fates ✅ Another consistent day for KSR users. RT if you want to cook with us 🤠
@VinchTheGrinch Dm me that invite
@GFNF__ Come on baby maybe it’s my turn!
RT @stellara_io: Stellar 2.0 - The future. 💨 Coming soon. ⏰ Retweet & keep your DMs open for a chance at a surprise! https://t.co/mVsEiQA
@elonmusk hey buddy can you send $doge to the moon!
@cardbrokers Tampa bay by 9
@VinchTheGrinch @garrettskicks @GFNF__ I want to meet this guy!! I am from Buffalo, NY as well!! Him and I need… https://t.co/M15SoQVciP
@cardbrokers Would love too
@GFNF__ I am missing everything! Can you drop me an invite!!
RT @scottbotv1: To celebrate 🎉 all of our recent success with our revamped modules, we will be giving out one 1⃣ FREE renewal key. To ente…
@GFNF__ It sure does. My feb would be a lot better if I can get in the crew!
@GFNF__ I am following. Just trying to learn all the tips and tricks! Maybe I can help out the GFNF team!
@GFNF__ Dm sent!